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Recognition criteria for all Scottish trainers

In Scotland, the five medical schools and NES have agreed on a single set of criteria for all trainers. These criteria are grouped into three categories:

A. Educational Governance requirements

  • Be currently practising within their field (for undergraduate trainers this may include academic practice or health professionals in disciplines other than medicine
  • Comply with all aspects of Good Medical Practice
  • Comply with all legal, ethical and professional obligations including completion of any mandatory training requirements 
  • Have appropriate time allocated for their role

Criteria in this category address the need for trainers to act as role models for students and trainees in their care, demonstrating exemplary professional practice.

Category A requirements will be signed off at appraisal / revalidation through standard processes. Education Organisers will supply the Local Education Providers (LEPs) with a list of named trainers and will conduct spot checks that to verify that the information is in place. Trainers will be asked to sign a declaration that they meet these criteria and to provide evidence that their equality & diversity training is up-to-date.


B. Role-specific Requirements

  • Demonstrate awareness of the curriculum and level of students/trainees.
  • Demonstrate awareness of their role and how that role fits with other educational and clinical roles
  • Know how to get support if needed and know about the relevant EOs' QA procedures

Category B criteria are intended to ensure that trainers understand the responsibilities associated with the specific role they are taking on.

Criteria in this category will be evidenced by completion of an induction module approved by individual Education Organisers (i.e. the five medical schools and NES). Induction may take a variety of formats, including face-to-face, online or print-based.

You will also need to formally sign-up to your role.


C. Generic Teaching Skill Requirements

  • Produce evidence of ongoing development across all relevant Framework areas to demonstrate an appropriate level of teaching competence
  • Provide evidence of appropriate training and/or experience for their teaching role

The criteria in category C aims to ensure that all trainers have attained a basic, minimum level of competence and that they continue to develop their skills as appropriate for their role.

We recognise that existing trainers have varied levels of experience and training and have therefore allowed considerable flexibility over how criteria are evidenced both for initial and ongoing recognition.


GP Trainers

The previous information refers specifically to trainers working in secondary-care or university settings who will require recognition for the first time under new GMC arrangements, or GPs acting as Clinical or Educational Supervisors for secondary-care trainees.

GPs seeking formal trainer approval should continue to follow existing guidance.

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