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Scottish Trainer Framework

       Scottish Trainer Framework           


The Scottish Trainer Framework (STF) was developed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) in partnership with the five Scottish Medical Schools and the territorial Health Boards via the Directors of Medical Education (DME) group. 

The Framework is built around the Academy of Medical Educators’ (AoME) competency framework, adopted by the GMC for the recognition of secondary-care trainers and aims to help teachers and trainers plan their personal and professional development as educators, whatever their role or career stage. It also provides specific guidance for trainers requiring formal GMC recognition in Scotland.

Arrangements for approval of GP trainers are already well established and these will not change. Academic staff and GP tutors who have been told by their medical school that their role requires recognition should consult this section.

Who is the Scottish Trainer Framework for?

The information on this site applies to all current and prospective 'named trainers' working in Scotland, but these pages can also be used as a developmental guide for those with less formal roles in teaching.

If you are an academic or secondary-care practitioner looking for information about trainer recognition and approval in Scotland, you may wish to link straight to our Criteria for recognition pages. GP trainers are covered by separate, formal requirements for approval, however GPs acting as clinical or educational supervisors for secondary care trainees will be required to meet the requirements for recognition if they are not already approved GP trainers. GPs seeking information about approval should consult the section for General Practitioners.

While the primary purpose of the STF is to support individual teachers and trainers, it may also be of interest to anyone involved in:

  • developing local trainer development programmes
  • selecting trainers
  • trainer appraisal – as a guide to the appraisal discussion
  • recognising trainers
  • trainers' job planning

****Please note the website is under development*****  - If you have any other questions related to the Scottish Trainer Framework or Trainer Recognition, please send them to RoTQM@nes.scot.nhs.uk



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