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Update on Single Employer Arrangements (March 2018)

From August 2018, all trainees will have a single employer for the duration of their training programme. NHS Scotland is moving from 22 Health Board employers to just 4 lead employers for doctors in training: NHS Grampian for the North region, NHS Lothian for the East region, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for the West region and NHS Education for Scotland (NES). NES will be the employer for all GP trainees, with the 3 other lead employers covering the other specialties and foundation trainees on a regional basis. The national programmes will be distributed across the lead employers.  

The other Boards will continue to host trainees on placement as part of their training programme, they will be known as ‘placement Boards’. Whilst the employing Boards will have employment responsibilities, the placement Boards will continue to have clinical governance responsibility for those engaged in providing clinical care to placement Board patients.

The pre employment arrangements for new and existing trainees onto the lead employer arrangements will commence from April. To support this work the Turas platform is being extended to include Turas People, an application that will assist medical staffing/ HR colleagues in employment related workflows, facilitating the provision of information between trainees, placement Boards and employing Boards, reducing duplication across systems and assisting in ensuring that the trainees get paid accurately.



Rotational information will be required in time to ensure all trainees are on Employing Board payrolls for August 2018, with all the pre-employment requirements this entails.

Round 1 recruitment in 2018 was brought forward to meet the deadlines laid down in CEL 10 (2014) Code of Practice for the Provision of Information for Postgraduate Medical Training, to which NES, the Management Steering Group for Employers and the BMA’s Scottish Junior Doctors Committee have all signed up. http://www.sehd.scot.nhs.uk/mels/CEL2014_10.pdf

Placements for August 2018 rotations and Round 1 recruitment will be required by FRIDAY 13 APRIL 2018. It is essential that these dates are met otherwise we will be in breach of the agreed Code and trainees will not receive their August salary.