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Quality Management of Clinical Placements

In order to receive Medical ACT funding all LEPs require to participate in the Scottish quality management of clinical placements system.

Since 2008 a Scottish student evaluation of clinical placements system has been in place introduced by NES in conjunction with The Scottish Deans' Medical Education Group (SDMEG).

It is proposed to reassess the use of the Scottish student evaluation system if a national system is introduced by the GMC.

Annual Red Amber Green (RAG) reports are produced by NES in conjunction with ACT Officers using student evaluation data derived from the Medical Schools student evaluation systems. RAG reports are issued to health boards for review and follow-up.

DMEs are required to comment on the RAG reports as part of their DME Reports on the quality of medical education which will be used to inform the UG Quality Review Panel.

Boards are required to distribute the RAG reports to teachers locally for review and to identify areas requiring follow-up action.

Red and amber flags should be reviewed and use made of trend analysis to identify areas of significant concern for more detailed consideration.

Red and amber flags which are considered to be a one-off issue do not require to be followed-up but the rationale for this conclusion requires to be recorded.

Significant areas of concern require further follow-up and a plan of action agreed between the LEP and the school(s) and documented.

The Regional Groups should review the follow up reports at least once a year to ensure the appropriate action has been taken. Future year's results and trend analysis should also be kept under review by the Regional Groups.

Areas of good practice should also be reviewed and any lessons learnt shared.

There should be subsequent evaluation of the effectiveness of follow up action.

In addition, as a last resort, NES will adjust the allocation model to eliminate in advance the distribution of ACT funding to specialties or locations where there have been persistent quality issues identified which have not been addressed and where the School(s) have determined the need to withdraw future students from these placements.


RAG results are issued in June at the end of the academic year depending on the timescales for the DME reports and undergraduate QRP.

Act Officers will share the RAG data locally as soon as it is available and will issue interim reports at least once a year.

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