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Medical ACT - Value for Money

In order to receive Medical ACT funding health boards have to be able to demonstrate value for money from all Medical ACT expenditure:

  • An agreed level of efficiency savings is required each year to offset any reduction in funding or provide a source of development funding.
  • Baseline budgets are to be updated on an annual basis to show existing Medical ACT expenditure.
  • Baseline budgets are to show the distribution of ACT funding to specialties/departments and reconciled to MoT data.
  • All additional investment in new teaching posts to be identifiable in individual job plans.
  • All new ACT expenditure should be subject to review and evaluation of its effectiveness.


Overseas Students

NES has been appointed by Scottish Government to manage the overseas students ACT type levy to contribute to the cost of teaching overseas students within the NHS.

LEPs are required to provide the same standard of education to overseas students as other medical students funded through Medical ACT.

A detailed paper on the implementation arrangements for the overseas kevy is to be agreed with the Board for Academic Medicine prior to August 2016.

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