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Medical ACT Performance Management Framework

Medical ACT Performance Management Framework



The Performance Management Framework supports the provision of undergraduate medical education in Scotland through the allocation and performance management of Medical ACT.


The Medical ACT Performance Management Framework was first introduced in 2007.

Recent developments include:

  • The release of new integrated undergraduate and postgraduate standards of education by the GMC (Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training).
  • Implementation of the GMC's requirements for the Recognition and Approval of Trainers.
  • Enhanced Quality management systems based on the student evaluation RAG reports have been introduced.
  • Scottish Government have announced the introduction of an ACT type levy for overseas students from August 2016 to be managed by NES.
  • A move towards a single system of Quality Management with joint undergraduate and postgraduate monitoring visits to be piloted in 2016.
  • Improvement in availability of IT support for students through agreements with NHS boards.


The Performance Management Framework ensures that all aspects of managing Medical ACT are linked together.

The framework sets the responsibilities for Educational Organisations (EO) and Local Education Providers (LEP) involved in medical education and in receipt of ACT funding.

The framework is designed to ensure LEPs in receipt of medical ACT funding are compliant with all relevant GMC standards including the new education standards and Recognition of Trainer requirements.

Key Performance Management Requirements

In order to be eligible to receive Medical ACT funding LEPs have to comply with key requirements in the following areas. All these requirements have been determined by NES in conjunction with medical schools and health boards.

Key Requirements

Responsibilities for Medical ACT

Scottish Government

  • Sets the policy context for Medical ACT funding
  • Determines the number of medical students to be funded
  • Determines the policy for overseas students and the ACT type levy towards the cost of teaching overseas students within the NHS

NHS Education for Scotland

  • Determines educational policy for the use of Medical ACT and sets the annual Medical ACT budget
  • Manages the overseas ACT type levy on behalf of Scottish Government
  • Ensures educational capacity is maintained
  • Allocates Medical ACT funding to health boards through the annual Medical ACT allocation model
  • Ensures value for money for Medical ACT expenditure through the performance management framework

Medical Schools

  • Medical Schools are responsible for the quality of medical education including clinical placements
  • Determine curricuum and agree clinical placements required with LEP's
  • Set learning outcomes
  • Set priorities for development of medical education through Regional Groups

Regional Groups

Provide a forum to agree the strategic direction for medical education

Local Education Providers

  • Provide clinical placements and other teaching requirements as agreed with medical schools
  • Ensure the quality management of clinical placements
  • Maintain adequate educational capacity
  • Ensure GMC requirements on the Recognition and Approval of Trainers are met
  • Determine the use of ACT funds with the agreement of Regional Groups


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