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Medical ACT Infrastructure

Medical ACT Infrastructure


In order to receive Medical ACT funding LEPs are required to participate in the Regional Group infrastructure which has been designed to improve the quality of teaching within the NHS and assist communications with the relevant medical school.

Regional Groups are based around the 5 medical schools with chairman and membership agreed locally.

Medical ACT Working Group

The Medical ACT Working Group (MAWG) is an all Scotland group which is set up to advise NES on all issues related to Medical ACT and Undergraduate Medical Education.  The group has no executive authority but provides oversight on the development of strategy and the development of Medical Act Policy.  Membership of this group is open to:

  • DMEs
  • Finance Directors
  • Medical ACT Finance Leads
  • Teaching Deans
  • Teaching Leads
  • Medical ACT Officers
  • NES



Regional ACT Working Groups

The roles of the Regional Groups is set out in the Regional Groups roles and responsibilities document:

  • Set the strategic direction for undergraduate medical education in the region.
  • Approve the use of additional ACT funds.
  • Review the quality management of clinical placements.
  • Review annual accountability reports from LEPs.
  • Provide a forum to set priorities for future development of undergraduate medical education.

North Regional ACT Working Group:

Partner Boards

  • NHS Grampian
  • NHS Highland
  • NHS Shetland
  • NHS Orkney
  • NHS Western Isles


  • To co-operate on any ACT business that relates to Aberdeen medical students and has implications on Aberdeen’s partner NHS Boards.
  • To address overarching Medical ACT issues such as national reviews and developments, to discuss their potential impact on the Boards’ delivery of undergraduate medical teaching, clinical service provision and financial position, and to agree at regional level finance/administrative procedures applicable to all of Aberdeen’s partner NHS Boards including central activities/costs.
  • To discuss and agree all Boards’ proposals to NES for additional Medical ACT funding above inflation, in line with NES recommendations.
  • To review Boards’ annual ACT Accountability Reports.
  • To report on clinical placement issues (including availability) for medical students, GP placement rate, quality performance management and other relevant issues.
  • To consider/improve the interface between postgraduate and undergraduate roles in teaching activity.
  • To advise the Local Medical ACT Working Groups on relevant issues.

St Andrews Regional ACT Group

Partner Boards

  • NHS Fife
  • Scottish Ambulance Service

Dundee Regional ACT Planning Group:

Partner Boards

  • NHS Tayside


  • To set the strategic direction of undergraduate medical education in the region (to include reviewing the impact of curricula changes).
  • To discuss and develop regional priorities for key stakeholders related to key areas such as Clinical Skills, IT and educational facilities.
  • To approve the use of additional ACT bids.
  • To review the quality management of clinical placements.
  • To review annual accountability report.
  • To take responsibility, as delegated by NES, for joint responses on various ACT matters.
  • To consider/improve the interface between postgraduate and undergraduate roles in teaching activity.

Edinburgh Regional Medical ACT Group:

Partner Boards

  • NHS Borders
  • NHS Lothian
  • State Hospital

West of Scotland ACT Regional Priorities Group:

Partner Boards

  • NHS Ayrshire & Arran
  • NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
  • NHS Forth Valley 
  • NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 
  • NHS Lanarkshire
  • NHS National Waiting Times Centre


Medical ACT Officers 

This is an operational working group chaired by the Medical ACT Manager. The group includes the ACT officers from each Regional Group and considers a wide range of issues in relation to the management of Medical ACT.  The work of the group is to implement changes arising from the Performance Management Framework, policy development agreed with the MAWG and to co-ordinate work across the regional groups.

Medical ACT Quality Managers and others directly involved in the management of ACT also attend on a regular basis.


Medical ACT Officers

Medical ACT Officers are appointed in each regional group to support the management of Medical ACT funding and manage the work of the regional groups.

Medical ACT Officers also have a "dotted line" responsibility to NES via the Medical ACT  Manager.

Medical ACT Manager and others involved in the quality management of ACT also attend in each Region to ensure the follow-up of the quality management of clinical placements.

The Medical ACT Officers' Group co-ordinates work across the Regional ACT Working Groups.


Medical ACT Governance Group

The overarching role of the NES Medical ACT Governance Group (MAGG) is the governance of Medical Additional Costs of Teaching (ACT) funding within NHS Scotland. 

This group is chaired by the Medical ACT Lead Dean. This group includes Medical ACT Manager, APGD-Q, NES Finance Leads, Medical ACT Pharmacy.


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