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Measurement of Teaching (MoT) Project

In order to receive Medical ACT funding LEPs are required to implement the Measurement of Teaching requirements and use MoT data to ensure a transparent link between ACT funding and teaching activity.

Since 2010 a comprehensive system to collate teaching data has been in place. This system has standardised data collection across the 5 medical schools and is managed by the ACT Officers Group. From 2015/16 MoT data is used in the second stage of the Medical ACT allocation model to distribute funding to Health Boards.

MoT requirements include:

  • Agreeing the data sets produced by the school(s) each year.
  • Undertaking a programme of specialty/departmental reviews to ensure teaching activity is relevant to curriculum and learning outcomes.
  • Ensuring appropriate time for formal teaching in job plans or directorate service plans to meet GMC Recognition and Approval of Trainers requirements as set out in the RoT definitions document.
  • Ensuring a link between Medical ACT allocations and directorate budgets.
  • The impact of curriculum changes on teaching activity requires to be agreed in advance with LEPs and the impact on cost and educational capacity considered.
  • Details of compliance will require to be reported to regional groups and NES through annual accountability reports including details on the number of teaching sessions funded by ACT in each specialty/department and the split of ACT budgets by department.

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