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Annual Accountability Reports

In order to receive Medical ACT funding in the following financial year health boards are required to submit an annual accountability report to regional groups and NES by 30 June.

The annual accountability report template is in an agreed format but can be tailored to suit local circumstances. It is issued with the annual Medical ACT allocation letter.

The annual accountability report requires the following disclosures:

  • Actual Medical ACT expenditure for the previous financial year.
  • Up-to-date baseline budgets for Medical ACT showing the allocation to each specialty/department.
  • Measurement of Teaching compliance.

Accountability reports and baseline budgets for Medical ACT will be published on the web-site once signed off by Regional Groups and reviewed by NES.

Monthly ACT payments will be deferred by NES if accountability reports are not received by 30 June of if the reports are not considered to be complete.

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