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The Additional Cost of Teaching (ACT) fund is provided by the Scottish Government to cover the additional costs of teaching medical undergraduate students within the NHS.

What is Medical ACT?

Medical ACT funding is provided to the NHS in Scotland to cover the additional costs of teaching medical undergraduate students. In 2013/14 the funding amounted to approximately £77m.

Allocation Model

NES distributes ACT fund to all NHS Boards and GPs in Scotland who are engaged in undergraduate teaching.

The ACT fund is distributed using the allocation model which distributes the funding to NHS Boards, using a two stage approach, based on the number of students and the amount of teaching activity within each Board including GP teaching.

A wide range of undergraduate teaching is funded by ACT including; clinical placements within hospital and primary care settings, as well as direct teaching activity such as lectures, tutorials and teaching within clinical skills centres.  ACT funding also contributes to the infrastructure avaialble to support teaching.

More details is shown on the accountability reports from health boards.

NHS Boards are responsible for delivery of clinical teaching to undergraduate medical students and for ensuring appropriate quality stardards are met within local education providers.

A Performance Management Framework (PMF) also supports the management of Medical ACT and all Boards have to meet the requirements of the PMF to receive Medical ACT funding.

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