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Health and Sickness

Your health may affect your capacity to work effectively 

You may be concerned about the stigma of mental health or psychological disorder and may think that time off work will increase pressure on colleagues and or delays your  training. 

You should be registered with a local general medical practitioner and should always go and see your doctor when ill and not rely on 'corridor consultations' with colleagues. 

Absence due to Ill health and sickness needs to be managed through your sickness absence policies.  

You also need to let your trainers know when you are off sick  so that they can make sure that the lost training time does not adversely impact on your training. 

Occasionally when health issues are highly significant a trainee’s fitness to practice might be called into question and referral  made to the GMC. 

The maximum permitted absence from training, for core and specialty trainees, including those in fixed term posts, is 14 days (when a trainee would normally be a work) within each 12 month period.  

Foundation trainees are allowed 20 days absence within each 12 month period. 

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