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Study leave

The Scotland Deanery Study Leave policy can be viewed here.



F1s do not have a formal study leave entitlement other than to attend the Mandatory Delivered Education Programme and any courses organised by the Deanery (ILS, simulation etc.) You may use 5 days as taster leave within the last post of F1.



In F2 you can apply for study leave for a selected number of reasons.

F2s have 2 days for eALS and up to 5 days for Tasters. This study leave is non-transferable and can only be used for these purposes. Taster time can be taken in either the third block of F1 or the first block of F2. It would usually be taken as 5 days for each specialty/GP area. Tasters are usually taken in your own region unless the clinical specialty isn’t available locally. Please see the advice on tasters on the website for further information.

Of the remainder, much is taken up with your Mandatory Delivered Education Programme and simulation training. Funding available for F2 study leave is used to fund the eALS course and simulation training.

A further eight days days may be available for appropriate Study Leave. You may apply for time to attend postgraduate exams but not courses to enhance your application. Study Leave in Foundation can only be used to satisfy your completion of the Foundation curriculum. You are entitled to leave for interviews however this should be taken as service leave; you are contractually entitled to this however you must give adequate notice.



Study leave application process


Firstly you should request leave from the service and then submit a request on TURAS for your FPD to approve. This should be submitted six weeks in advance of the leave date. If you are uncertain as to whether your application is appropriate use of study leave please contact your FPD for advice in advance of the application. If you are applying for a Taster, please make sure that you specify on Turas the specialty in which the taster will be undertaken.

A process flowchart is available on the Scotland Deanery Study Leave pages.


If you have any queries, please contact study.leave@nes.scot.nhs.uk 

FAQs can be found here.


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