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The Turas Portfolio used by Foundation doctors in Scotland can be found here.




How to create a TAB form and generate tickets

How to upload additional achievements

How to download your portfolio

How to link and unlink evidence to the curriculum

How to add your photo to your portfolio

How to update your e-mail or personal details

Guidance on logging mandatory teaching




How to complete a Supervisor/Meeting form

How to close attention items

How to view additional learning

How to create a PSG

How to complete a PSG

How to release a PSG summary feedback




How to move and change an assessor category


Release Notes

This section includes the release notes for new developments on the Turas portfolio

26th June 2020

5th August 2020

25th August 2020

17th November 2020

29th January 2021

16th February 2021

25th February 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access historical portfolio evidence?

A summarised timeline:

  • 03/08/2005: NHS e-Portfolios version 1 was launched and data recorded between 03/08/2005 and 05/08/2008 was recorded within NHS e-Portfolios version 1.
  • 06/08/2008: NHS e-Portfolios version 2 was launched. Data from completed training programmes was not copied from NHS e-Portfolios version 1 to NHS e-Portfolios version 2 when it was launched.
  • If you were an NHS e-Portfolios version 1 user, a user account was automatically created for you within NHS e-Portfolios version 2 and on the homepage of all roles within your account (including Foundation trainee, FSRH trainee and Physician trainee roles) was a button entitiled Historical e-Portfolio View that enabled you to access NHS e-Portfolios version 1 and the data therein.
  • If 10 years have elapsed from the end of the last active training programme within NHS e-Portfolios version 1, this site was terminated and the Historical e-Portfolio View button in NHS e-Portfolios version 2 that provided access to that site was removed in line with data protection/privacy regulations.

Do I need to complete the post assessment form on Turas?

This form is not mandatory for trainees in Scotland, however you can complete it if you wish.

Who can see the Post Assessment Questionnaire?

The Post Assessment Questionnaire can be seen by the trainee, their Foundation Programme Director and Administrators.

I am a doctor in a non-training post, is there a Portfolio I can use? 

If you are a non-Foundation trainee, for example in a Clinical Fellow post, you can request access to the Professional Portfolio which will allow you to gather and store assessments. To request access you need to raise a Helpdesk ticket in Turas TPM if you have previously been a trainee in Scotland. Alternatively an administrator can raise a Helpdesk ticket on your behalf. Please click here for more information.