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Scottish IMG Induction Day

An induction day is held each year for international graduates who are new to working in Scotland. The aim of this event is to provide IMGs with helpful information as they begin their career in the NHS and their life in the UK, as well as to provide an opportunity to meet trainees in similar situations and share peer wisdom. The induction day is interactive; participating in discussions and asking questions are strongly encouraged. Previous events have included topics such as "Living and Working in the UK: What I Need to Know", "Professionalism" and "How to Seek Help".

This event is organised in addition to programme-specific inductions. Relevant information about your own programme's induction will be circulated by your programme administrators. If you are starting work as a Foundation trainee, you will have one week of shadowing and induction prior to starting work. Dates for this induction period can be found here.

Feedback from recent participants

"I hadn't expected to gain so much, meet friendly peers and the programme made it sound like a day of talks but it was far more interactive than that"

"The event was very useful and I'm glad I attended"

"I absolutely loved the day. It was a great way to meet other IMGs and get an intro to the NHS."

"Much appreciated! Grateful for the content already presented and the opportunity to have our comments/concerns and wishes heard."

"Great induction programme, was well organised and very informative. I'm glad I attended this wonderful programme. I will definitely recommend this induction programme to my colleagues."

2020 Scottish IMG Induction Day

The next 2020 induction day will take place on 27th July 2020 at the Dundee Dental Education Centre, Dundee. If you are an incoming IMG trainee of any grade, please contact gillian.carter@nes.scot.nhs.uk to find out more and to register for the event.