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Law on Informed Consent for Healthcare Practitioners

Course/Event Date: Thursday, February 8, 2024

Course/Event Duration: 1 Day

Course/Event Description

Intended Learning Objectives: 

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

-Understand the importance of informed consent to medical treatment

-Describe the main models of the doctor/practitioner-patient relationship

-Describe the main types of consent

-Explain the legal concept of capacity and outline the requirements for capacity assessment according to legal jurisdiction in the UK

-Explain the legal concept of competence and outlined the requirements for Gillick Competence

-Describe the evolution of case law in the United Kingdom on informed consent and explain the key principles which underpin informed consent.

-Describe the relevant professional guidelines for capacity and informed consent (GMC Decision Making and Consent/ Good Medical Practice 2024)

-Critically appraise concepts such as patient-centricity, supported and shared decision making

-Recognise the future of implications of Martha's Rule on the informed consent process, should it be implemented


Course Structure:


Introduction to Informed Consent

Capacity and Competence

Case Law on Informed Consent

Guidelines for Informed Consent


Completion Requirements:

The course is comprised of short micro-lectures, eBooks, an online discussion forum with tutor support and short quizzes. Delegates should work through the course content sequentially and complete the end of section quizzes. Upon completion they will receive a certificate of completion.


Relevance to CPD:

It is anticipated that the course may support development/maintenance of knowledge of the law/ other regulations (nothing in the course represents any form of legal/ or other advice, it is purely academic).  


The course is set at £75 and comes with online support


Course link: https://www.informed-cpd.com/course/informed-consent-for-treatment 

Course/Event Venue: Online

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