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GMC Assessment Development Pilots 2024 - up to £350 for attending

Course/Event Date: Monday, January 1, 0001

Course/Event Duration:

Course/Event Description

We’re recruiting doctors to assist with our GMC assessment pilots and we’re hoping you can help. 

This is a great opportunity to get exam practice and gain extracurricular experience for applications and appraisals. You’ll receive a certificate for your portfolio, feedback/ test scores and £350 for full-day OSCE pilots/ £175 for half-day written exam pilots.

Attendees would sit either a set of OSCEs or a two hour written exam then provide feedback on the assessment material. The assessments will later help us check whether a doctor is fit to practise, and your feedback helps us ensure the tests are reliable, set at the right level, and fair to the doctor.

To attend, doctors must have worked in the pilot specialty for four months or more during the past two years. 


Pilot type


Volunteers needed

Tuesday 2 July

Written exam

(London / Manchester)



Old Age Psychiatry



Candidates only

Thursday 26 September



Emergency Medicine

Respiratory Medicine 

Candidates and examiners

Thursday 28 November





Candidates and examiners

Friday 6 December

Written exam

(London / Manchester)

Acute Care

Breast Surgery



Candidates only

Please contact us if you have any queries on ADT.events@gmc-uk.org

Course/Event Venue: various - see information

This course is targeted at the following specialty Groupings:

  • Anaesthesia - Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine
  • Diagnostics
  • Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics
  • Foundation Programme Board
  • Other Courses

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