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  • ‘Whistleblowing’ is calling out a particular ‘risk of harm or wrongdoing’ that is in the public interest to know about, and in so-doing a ‘whistleblower’ is entitled to certain legal protections. These are detailed in new ‘whistleblowing’ policies and processes that all public bodies including NHS Boards have launched.


  • The routine feedback on the quality of training experience that the Deanery gathers from its doctors in training should not be confused with ‘whistleblowing’. Feedback is routinely gathered via surveys such as the GMC NTS, the Scottish Training Survey, the Pre-Visit Questionnaire, our notification of concern process or through our meetings with trainees during Deanery Quality Management Visits.


  • Further information about ‘whistleblowing’ can be found below:


You are asked to note the additional information provided below by the Lead Employers


  • Have you heard about the new process for whistleblowing?

There are increased protections for anyone delivering NHS services.


  • Want to talk to someone in confidence about a whistleblowing issue that is concerning you?

Speak to your confidential contact who can provide support HERE


  • There are recommended training modules on Whistleblowing on Turas Learn:



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