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Understanding Doctors’ Perceptions of the Social Environment in Scotland

Dear Colleagues, 


We would like to invite doctors in Scotland (Trainees and Trainers) to take part in a study we are conducting to understand doctors’ perceptions of the social environment in Scotland, both in and out with the workplace. We are especially interested in the friendships that International Medical Graduates make and interpersonal relationships that they form. We are keen to hear from a wide range of doctors from different backgrounds including International Medical Graduates and UK Graduates. 


Participation will involve an interview that will be conducted over Zoom or Microsoft Teams and will take about an hour. Participation is voluntary, and the interviews will be confidential. The results of our study will be reported in a way that will not identify individual participants. 

Ultimately, we want to understand the factors that facilitate or impede International Medical Graduates integration into the Scottish NHS workforce/society. Please help us understand these issues better by volunteering to take part in our study by contacting Mo Al-Haddad at mo.alhaddad@glasgow.ac.uk . 


This study is part of a PhD project by Mo Al-Haddad at the University of Glasgow and is supervised by Prof Susan Jamieson and Dr Evi Germeni. The study is supported by the Scotland Deanery and has received ethics approval from the University of Glasgow’s Research Ethics Committee (no. 200210145).


Please see the Participant Information Sheet



Mo Al-Haddad

Susan Jamieson

Evi Germeni

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