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Race Equality Week

NES is proud to be participating in Race Equality Week, from 5th-11th February 2024. 
Race Equality Week will unite thousands of organisations across the UK in action to address race inequality in the workplace. 

A UK-wide initiative, Race Equality Week was launched by community interest company Race Equality Matters to turn words into meaningful action; a movement spurred on by the events of 2020, which have heightened the collective consciousness of the racism, inequality, and injustice experienced by ethnically diverse communities.   

We need to keep the momentum going when it comes to tackling race inequality. This is why we are participating in Race Equality Week. This includes the ‘5-day challenge’ which asks all of us to take 5 minutes out of each day to #ListenActChange. Each day we will send you information about that day’s challenge, leading to making a ‘big promise’ on day 5 - what action do you commit to progress race equality? If you would like to look at the information for the 5-day challenge in your own time, you can access the documents at the following links:

Day 1: Microaggressions

Day 2: Different Cultures

Day 3: Public Praise

Day 4: A Culture of Belonging

Day 5: The Big Promise

 There are also four online events you can register to join, via the following links:

 5th February: Opening Event

6th February: The Big Collaboration

8th February: Lead the Change

9th February: Closing Event


Other activities NES have been been doing include: 


  • We all have a Corporate Objectives for 23/24: “I will identify and undertake a learning activity to increase my understanding and self-reflection on anti-racism, equality, diversity and inclusion”.  

  • We are delivering anti-racism workshops for our line managers. Sign up at Training sessions.

  • We have the Underrepresented Ethnic Minority staff network that you can join for peer support or as an Ally. The staff network is currently looking for a new Chair or Co-Chair for the network. This is a great development opportunity and time is provided by the organisation to support our networks. If you’d like to discuss this more then please contact the Equality team nes.equalityteam@nhs.scot  or the current deputy Chair, keaton.fletcher@nes.scot.nhs.uk 


If you have any questions then please just get in touch with nes.equalityteam@nhs.scot. 


Join us as we #ListenActChange.

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