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PassPACES Medical Education Courses for IMT 1/ CMT 2 Medical doctors and GP trainees

Please find information below and attached flyer regarding PassPACES courses:


PassPACES courses will be of great value to any candidates who are due to sit their MRCP PACES exam in the forthcoming months, typically CMT1 and CMT2 and GP trainees.

PassPACES offers intensive 4 day clinical courses to be held in London during May & June 2021.

As well as covering all aspects of the PACES examination during this course, PassPACES will include: A Neuro-ophthalmology day and a Cardiorespiratory day.


In addition, each candidate will be subjected to four mock assessments:

  1. A 45 minute mock during which the 4 stations of cardiology, neurology, abdominal and respiratory will be examined.
  2. A Communication Skills mock station.
  3. A History Taking mock station.
  4. A Station 5 mock exam.


As all our courses to date have been oversubscribed and there has already been a significant interest in our May/June 2021 courses, we would strongly advise all potential PACES candidates to view our website www.passpaces.co.uk and book soon to avoid disappointment.

Further details including the cost (£1495) are available on our website www.passpaces.co.uk.

Please do not hesitate to contact PassPACES if we can be of any further help, either by e-mail or telephone 07 971 971 000.


Kind regards 


Dr Rupa Bessant Course Director PassPACES 

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