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NHS Louisa Jordan Evaluation Recruitment

My name is Julie Ferguson and I am a Specialist Research Lead for NHS Education for Scotland.  We are looking to Evaluate the NHS Louisa Jordan National Skills Education Hub as a training venue.  Therefore, if you have participated in training at the venue, I would be very grateful if you could spare some time to participate in a brief telephone interview. 


  • The interview would be carried out by myself or another NES researcher and will take place at a convenient data and time. 
  • The interview will be audio recorded and should take approximately 30 minutes.  We would be focussing on your experiences receiving training at the venue.
  • The interviews will be anonymised and be transcribed for analysis. 


If you would be willing to participate please email myself (Julie.ferguson@nhs.scot) with some potential dates and times within the next few weeks  and we will schedule an interview. 


Many thanks





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