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Medical Education Collaborative Research Opportunity

We would like to invite all non-consultant grade doctors with an interest in Medical Education and Medical Education research to join us in a new venture, utilising the network of junior doctors across the country to create powerful research with meaningful results.

Trainee research collaborative started life in 2007 when a group of surgical trainees came together to discuss the common frustration of creating potent research in single units with the constraints of training rotations and commitments. They suggested a model whereby they undertook each other’s projects in an identical manner in multiple units simultaneously, thus creating multicentre research. The West Midlands Research Collaborative (WMRC) was formed and has been the driving force behind several multicentre studies and audits which have significantly influenced practice. The WMRC has also led to the formation of several other trainee research groups, mostly geographically based, and also several speciality specific collaborations. So significant is the impact of these collectives that guidelines for CCT and CESR guidelines are changing to acknowledge citations gained as part of collaborative research. 

Whilst there are several medical education research collaboratives, they mostly consist of seasoned researchers, with proven track records and long term or permanent positions. There is no group aimed at junior doctors and trainees who may consider the world of medical education research daunting or impenetrable.

We aim to bring together junior doctors from across the country to undertake projects suited to this type of model and we are inviting you to be a part of our exciting new collaborative.

Please register your interest by sending a quick email to kirsty.mozolowski@ed.ac.uk and consider attending our workshop at the 10th National Scottish Medical Education Conference 30 April - 1 May 2020.


Kind Regards


Kirsty Mozolowski MBBS MRCSEd MFSTEd

Clinical Fellow in Medical Education & Registrar in General Surgery

Edinburgh Medical School: Medical Education  



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