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COVID-19 information and guidance as we receive it

Coming Back Temporarily to Service

Thanks to all who are considering or asking to come back from time out of programme, academic training or looking to up their hours as LTFT trainees. We really value your commitment.

We are working to get online forms in place as soon as we can, we know its clunky for you to download, save as, and send back these forms. 

It's important that we get a record of what you are doing though, as we need to make sure there is a minimum impact on your training and also that we make sure that our systems record where you are and what you are doing, so we can make sure we are helping the Boards pay you and ensure you are included in induction, health and safety and equipment checks, and access to key information. We are asking all our a trainees to double check we have up to date contact information and this includes emergency contact information.

As most of the admin team are now working from home, please email your forms, don't post them. We will be ok with an electronic signature or the fact you've emailed it as confirmation.

Remember you can always contact us with any questions using the form on the main COVID-19 page.


Thank you for being willing to do this to help the NHS manage the response to COVID-19 and to support your colleagues.

We know its a bit clunky just now, we are working to get an online form in place as soon as we can, but until then please complete the OOP Redeployment Form (link below) and send it to your specialty 

Group Lead Dean Director and your programme administrator (you can find a list of them on the Deanery TM Team page if you don't have their contact details)

LTFT trainees

Again, thank you if you are considering increasing your hours or coming back full time to support the response to COVID-19. If you do want to, please complete the form below and you'll find more info on the LTFT section of the webpage and email it to your training programme administrator. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.