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Doctors in Training not Taking up OOP

OOPR/OOPE/OOPT/ Trainees unable to take up post


The Covid-19 situation may mean that although you have arranged and have permission for an OOP post, you may not be able to start, and/or wish to remain to support the clinical service.


If you are affected by this, please complete the Not Taking up OOP form:» Doctors in Training not Taking up OOP (docx) and send it to your specialty Group Lead Dean Director, Group Lead Dean Director and your programme administrator (you can find a list of them on the Deanery TM Team page if you don't have their contact details). This will help us to support you once the Covid-19 situation improves should you wish to undertake the role that you were unable to start.



This page was last updated on: 02.09.2020 at 08.24