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Visas - FAQs

Visas - FAQs

    If you are already sponsored by NHS Education for Scotland to work in a training post in NHS Scotland and your current visa is due to expire before 1 October 2020, the UK Government has recently announced your visa will automatically be extended, free of charge, for a further year. The Home Secretary Priti Patel announced on 31st March 2020: 'Doctors, nurses and paramedics from all over the world are playing a leading role in the NHS’s efforts to tackle coronavirus and save lives. We owe them a great deal of gratitude for all that they do. I don’t want them distracted by the visa process. That is why I have automatically extended their visas – free of charge – for a further year.' The extension to NHS visas will be automatic, there will be no fee attached and it will be exempt from the immigration health surcharge. Details can be found here:


    There may still be some administrative work required around the extension, and we will provide a further update once the exact procedure for extensions has been confirmed by the Home Office.

    If you are not currently sponsored by NHS Education for Scotland, and wish to take up a training post in NHS Scotland this year, as per current Home Office immigration legislation, you will have to submit a new visa application, and the NES Tier 2 sponsorship team (tier2sponsorship@nes.scot.nhs.uk) will be in touch with you regarding your sponsorship.

    While the Home Office’s automatic extension of visas for tier 2 visa-holders for doctors in training beyond August is very welcome, tier 2 visa-holders who are currently in LAT posts that are due to end by changeover date in August are not covered by that policy. The solution lies in getting a post beyond August 2020 but we acknowledge the difficulties that exist in securing posts from August 2020 due to the disruption in recruitment processes. We would encourage you, nevertheless, to continue to seek employment beyond August. Health Boards use this website https://medicaljobs.scot.nhs.uk/  to advertise all medical vacancies and all local recruitment opportunities should appear here. You may also wish to discuss your situation with local service leads who may be aware of forthcoming job opportunities and the Deanery’s regional Associate Postgraduate Deans for Careers.