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Out of Programme - FAQs

Out of Programme - FAQs

    Yes, there is a possibility. You need to have a discussion with your research supervisor about whether you should be considered for redeployment. This will depend on whether your research project is able to proceed during this resurgence of COVID-19. If you are redeployed your hospital should ensure that you have been asked to work within your competencies, have been appropriately inducted to your new responsibilities and have been provided with the correct safety equipment to allow you to undertake your new role. Both you and your hospital should log the times when you have been asked to move to a new role in this way and feed this back to the Training Programme Management team at NES.


    Firstly, thank you for being willing to do this. Doctors in training who are OOPR or OOPE could be approached regarding their willingness to come back into service roles during the COVID-19 crisis. The expectation is that time lost from OOP will be recouped later.

    Any doctor in training who is currently on OOP and who wishes to volunteer at this stage should clear this with their (OOPR/OOPE/SCREDS/SCLF) supervisor, with their TPD and with the providers of their current funding. Then contact the Lead Dean Director AND training admin staff for your specialty indicating when you might be available to return to clinical service, your preferred location (which could be your home base or the location of your OOP etc post), proposed period of availability with your contact details including address, e-mail and mobile phone number.

    The Lead Dean Director will then make contact with the DME of the Board where you wish to work who would activate HR to establish contact. 


    While at present we are proceeding on the basis that that your OOP will go ahead as planned, we need to make you aware that the unfolding impact of COVID-19 during this current wave on service and on medical staffing could necessitate these arrangements being put on hold. Our hope is that that will not be necessary – but the current extraordinary circumstances and the uncertainties around the potential impact in the coming weeks and months require us to consider a number of contingency arrangements , one of which might be to pause OOPs. We will keep you apprised of any changes that might impact on your plans for OOP.


    The short answer to this questions is maybe. Your offer to return to service is not a return to formal training – that requires specific targets to be achieved, evidenced and ultimately signed off – and service pressures are likely to compromise delivery of WPBAs etc, etc. However,  that isn’t to say that the current crisis will not abound with learning and training opportunities – and hopefully portfolios will, if energy and inclination permit, reflect what that learning has been and then it can be taken into account. For most that will be under General Medicine. Is this formal training as training is designed to be delivered through a training programme – no. Can it ‘count’ – yes, if it is countable. There is little doubt that the experience and learning gained will be substantial, and hopefully  in a very positive way. Wwe encourage you to collate al your training activity in your portfolio so that it can be considered by your AES later.