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How to respond when things go wrong session

Course/Event Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Course/Event Duration: 1 Day

Course/Event Description

Please note there will be a maximum of 20 attendees for the session.  Free of charge.

 To improve patient safety, it is necessary to go back to first principles and examine our own attitudes. Learning from events is an important part of workplace-based education and providing evidence for appraisal and revalidation. It has been suggested that adopting a ‘systems approach’ could enhance learning and effective change. Key principles should be understood by all healthcare staff, especially those with a role in developing and delivering educational content for safety and improvement in health and care settings.

For employers and regulators there is an expectation that care practitioners display professional accountability when things go wrong to minimise the risk and impact of significant events re-occurring. This is easier in a ‘Just Culture’ where significant events are investigated in a manner designed to enhance learning. Understanding what these terms mean is necessary to adopting a ‘systems approach’ to work that can increase learning and reduce the damaging effects on morale when things go wrong.

In this, the second of a series of taster workshops on topics contributing to safer patient care, we explore how to respond when things go wrong in complex systems such as those found in health and care settings.



Learning Outcomes: attendance at the workshop will improve your confidence to...


  1. Discuss Leadership contributions to ‘safety culture’ with your colleagues
  2. Describe the actions to be taken to demonstrate professional accountability




Course/Event Venue: The Golden Jubilee Clydebank , Glasgow

This course is targeted at the following specialty Groupings:

  • GP - Public Health & Occupational Medicine

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