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    • This is a year-long, out of programme experience (OOPE) that provides doctors or dentists in training an opportunity to develop themselves as potential health leaders of the future.
    • It aims to provide NHS Scotland with doctors and dentists that have an enhanced capability to offer leadership in their workplace - potentially at national and international levels.
    • Opportunity to work in new areas of NHS Scotland and affiliated institutions
    • Deepen your understanding about NHS Scotland
    • Learn by doing – real time experience of the leadership systems within which we work
    • Exposure to current and past leaders in healthcare
    • Opportunity to contribute to national strategies and direction, leading change in healthcare systems
    • You need to be in a medical or dental training programme to apply for the SCLF programme.
    • The Fellowship is open to medical and dental specialty trainees who, at the time of interview are in a substantive training post; medical specialty trainees must have successfully completed CT2/ ST2 at the time of commencing the post, and dental specialty trainees must have successfully completed two years of dental specialty training.

    Fellows are hosted in a number of host organisations in Scotland, either within a single organisation, or more commonly co-hosted between either NES or Scottish Government and one of the partner organisations. Host organisations over the last few years have included: 

    • Scottish Government Health & Social Care Directorates  
    • Health Workforce 
    • Chief Medical Officer 
    • Chief Dental Officer 
    • Quality and Improvement Directorate 
    • NHS Education for Scotland 
    • National Services Scotland 
    • Royal College of Anaesthetists 
    • Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow 
    • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 
    • Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh 
    • General Medical Council 
    • Scottish Deans’ Medical Education Group 
    • Healthcare Improvement Scotland 
    • Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland 
    • North of Scotland Planning Group


    • Opportunities provided in the host organisation through project work and development courses and programmes 
    • the Leadership and Management Development programme, which includes action learning, 1:1 coaching, portfolio development and support, theory based modules and access to inter-professional paired learning opportunities. 
    • Opportunities to attend national meetings 
    • Find out more about the Fellowship from the current cohort or follow them on Twitter @SCLF_ 
    • To discuss a potential application or to clarify eligibility for the programme, you can email Prof Alan Denison alan.denison@nes.scot.nhs.uk 
    • Click here to read more about the SCLF programme. 
    • Click here to find out more about the commitments expected from fellows on the programme and their host organisations.