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The recognition process

To make achieving recognition as straightforward as possible for trainers, the determination of readiness for initial recognition will be built into existing appraisal processes. For most trainers, this will therefore become part of annual appraisal through the Scottish Online Appraisal Resource (SOAR).

Trainers requiring recognition are required to complete a tab on SOAR. Trainers upload their supporting information into SOAR and discuss with their appraiser how the supporting information demonstrates that they are meeting the criteria for recognition. Individual trainers with more than one role only need to go through this process once. Trainers self-determine/declare their readiness for recognition as a trainer and routine Quality Management (QM) checks will be applied by Education Organisers (EOs), with the cooperation of LEPs and individual trainers.

All teachers and trainers, including those who do not currently hold a 'named trainer' role, are encouraged to make use of this feature and to initiate a discussion with their appraiser about their trainer role.

Following appraisal, the relevant EO will receive the trainer's declaration that they have provided sufficient evidence to be considered for recognition. This declaration is the only part of the appraisal discussion that will be visible to EOs.

The EO will make the final judgement on whether a trainer can be recognised or not. EOs will be guided by the declaration of readiness, but will continually monitor evidence from a sample of trainers as part of their ongoing Quality Management process. 

Academic and non-medical named trainers will be provided with information from their EO (usually a Medical School) about collecting and presenting their evidence in a similar format. NHS-employed medical trainers who do not use SOAR for appraisal should contact their DME as soon as possible.

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