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Recognition and Approval of Trainers

In August 2012, the GMC introduced plans for recognition and approval of trainers performing four ‘named’ roles. Namely:


  • Lead Coordinators at each local education provider
  • doctors responsible for overseeing students’ educational progress for each medical school


  • named Clinical Supervisors
  • named Educational Supervisors

As Education Organisers (EOs), the five Scottish medical schools and the Scotland Deanery are required to maintain up-to-date lists of all trainers performing these roles and to ensure that these trainers meet the GMC’s ‘Standards for Trainers’ as set out in Promoting Excellence. All secondary-care trainers in Scotland are assessed against the same criteria, making the process simpler for those who hold more than one role. General Practice trainers have for some significant time required by statute to be GMC-approved and are therefore not covered by these arrangements.

In July 2016, EOs in Scotland provided the GMC with a list of all recognised trainers.  NES manages the process of recognition on behalf of the Medical Schools and maintains the list of Scottish "named" trainers on its Training Management System (TURAS). Although the TPD will be aware of the status of named Trainers for their programme, and where there is a need to ensure that new named trainers undergo the recognition process, they are not involved in the recognition process itself, which is managed by the DME teams, who recommend trainers for recognition based on agreed minimum standards.

The Scottish Trainer Framework has  all the information that trainers require in easy-to-access sections that include

  • Roles requiring recognition
  • The recognition process
  • Becoming a trainers
  • Recognition requirements for all Scottish trainers
  • Collecting supporting information
  • Framework competency areas
  • General Practitioners
  • Education Organiser

Faculty Development Alliance

In response to the GMC requirements for the training of trainers: NES has merged the SCOTS Management Group and the National Trainer Development Group (NTDG) into the Faculty Development Alliance (FDA).  The FDA has responsibility for the development and delivery of training for trainers in both primary and secondary care. 

The FDA have developed entry-level resources, to support trainers and assist in the recognition process.  These include:

Once recognised or approved, trainers must provide evidence of their continuing professional development for their training role. To help facilitate this, the FDA is producing a workshop aimed at experienced trainers, to allow them to further develop their supervisory skills.

The FDA IT Platform

To register, visit www.fda.nes.scot.nhs.uk or for more information, contact the FDA team at fda.admin@nes.scot.nhs.uk